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Hi everyone, 
as some of you may know dancing is my other passion. Wednesday March 4th, my dance school burnt down in Montreal. The owner, my dance teacher, was devastated. Since, all the dancers and friends of the school have been giving money to the school to help rebuild.
I started a fundraiser online and I would appreciate it if you could share it with all of your friends and contacts:…
and here is the link to our Facebook page:…
Salut à tous! J'offre de faire des oeuvres sur commande pour les gens intéressés de se procurer un original signé Geneviève Létourneau 
Vous pourriez aussi l'offrir en cadeau à un être cher.

Hi everyone! I offer comissionned art pieces to people who could be interested to possess an original signed Geneviève Létourneau. 
You could also offer it as a gift for a loved one.

Hey everyone!

I started this shop to sell my design on custom accesories. here is one exemple of product there will be on Zazzle. 
I hope the prices are affordable to everyone and that you can find something you like there. 


Woohoo! I wasn't expecting this much attention! aaaaaah!

I want to say thanks ''maytel'' for her consideration on my piece of art. I didn't think that the first time I would send an image it would go straight to the deviantart first page! I feel special ^_^

Thanks to all the nice comments and favorites! It warm my heart! yay!

I started thanking everyone personally and the website starts thinking that I am a spam :P hehe
Sorry for the non-replied to people... I am spam
I thanks you all here then!!!
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Hey everybody!
I decided to sell my prints online at Etsy…
I'll have more to show soon, but for now it's my ''Rooted'' Collection only.
This website is full of pretty things made by awesome artists!
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I finally started the auction for my painting ''Renaissance''. You could have it if you make the best offer! The end of the auction is June 30th.

I will put the last offers in the comments below. So you can keep track of it.

Remember it is for a good cause. I will give the money to the Canadian Cancer Society!

Edit: My painting has been sold for 100$ !! Hooray!
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Hey!!!!! Templum Digital is a new online magazine at it's second publication. I've been chosen to be part of the second issue! I am super grateful. Here is the link.…
The image from me is ''Dragon''

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Hi everyone!

I recently participated in the ''Relay for Life'' for the Canadian Cancer Society (may 26th). I decided to paint something that night while people where walking in the streets. I intend on selling it to the most offering and give the profit to the society. If you are an art lover or know someone who do please take a look at it…

I hope selling it Before the end of June since the society raise money until then.

Thanks for your attention!
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If you're in Toronto area on May 6th, come to this cool event where you can meet great artists! You will see me there too! Yay! It's in Burlington not far from Toronto and it will be only 5 $ admission! Woohouu! Serioulsly, there will be 30 artists plus more stuff and stores! It's the first year of the event, so we are hoping people will come in great number. That would be great wouldn't it?

Anyway, I'll be selling many of the new paintings I posted in the gallery, plus dozens of print will be available for peolpe with smaller budget.

I am soo excited!!! See you there! Hopefully! :la:

Here is the Infos:

May 6th, from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m.

2316 fairview st. Burlington Ontario

here is a link to the facebook page…
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I told you recently I made a quilt for my family Christmas exchange. Well I took a lot of pictures so I decided to make a video of it. With music! ^v^
If you are interest in seeing it you can go on my blog… or on Vimeo for a better view.

I hope you'll enjoy it!

Also, I'm starting my new custom buisness cards! They are all going to be different. It will be inked and coulered on thick watercolour paper. I am so excited I can't wait to show you some examples!!

See ya!
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Hey! I just signed in for an artist convention called ''Art-O-Con'' and happen to not be working! So all of this free time will give me the opportunity to push my limits in art doing. I've bought so many canvas of different sizes and some box frame to do paper montage. I've done a first one on the smallest size of canvas to give me some practice. It's been a while since I've painted anything. Actually the last one was ''Mermaid in love''.
My christmas exchange gift was complete on Christmas eve ^v^. It was some hard work there took me over 3 months to complete it. It is a king size bed quilt with a 20''x20'' embroidery in the center. It was my first experience at embroidery and I loved it! I might even do some for the convention...
I'll be posting it soon on my blog.

See ya!
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Hey! how is it going?
I am doing great! My favourite season starts!
And each time I feel very restless. Want to do more, change things, etc. . Well, this feeling use to be filled when school starts, and now it's been three years I am done school, But the feeling keeps coming back. Which is great! It gives me super powers (or energy for non-crazy people). Now I have so many projects flooding my brain, some already started, some pending... The one in need to get punched in the face is the hand-made Christmas exchange gift... Each year, my family put all our names ( we are about 8 to participate) in a hat, each one gets to ''make'' a gift to the name pick up. We usually pick up the names right after the distribution of the gifts, which give us one year to complete the next one. We are not ''supposed'' to tell who gives to who and keep it secret ( my mother is usually bad at that, hehe). So, I am not telling you what I am going to do or who's name I picked until the due date ;)
That's for the project I am working on at the moment. Another big project I am boiling about is paintings. I bought so many small thin canvas for new acrylic paintings. At work, every lunch time I am sketching new ideas for it. Trying to inspire myself. It makes my days go by really fast, always thinking about it. It's starting to become an obsession... hehe
I have another idea about about making new custom business cards, but that's going a little far in the future... One thing at a time, they say...

Have I told you I am now working as a traditional animator on a TV show? no? ahh, my memory again... Anyway, having a great time there!
here a little article about it…

See ya!
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Drawing is a passion, but I have other passions. The most important one is dance.You can see in my gallery a picture of one the my dance show. It is me on the far left. I started dancing at the age of 5 and never stopped. Man I love dancing...I even tried to do it as a profession. I decided to be a 2D artist instead, but it is only because contrary to dance, the longest you do it the better you get. In professional dance you maybe work 10 to 15 years at the most, then start declining from there. Though I am still dreaming of awesome dance tour around the world, I love drawing as much, if not more. I just love the adrenaline of being on the stage and give your love to the audience.
I'll continue dancing as long as I can, probably until I can't walk anymore... hehe... I think it is important to fullfill your life with what you love most.
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Hello there!

Since April started, the smell of Spring as it's effect on me. I feel really inspired. So many projects are fumbling in my head! I don't know where to start. There is some comic ideas, paintings, art crafts that I was want to do, all at once. I am currently developping a title for my blog, I posted there my work in progress. Don't hesitate to go comment it! I also started mood and composition sketches for my comic idea. The character design is not set yet but the story is well started. There is also some embroidery that I want to do, water colour, acrylics, some other paper art, and other things... I even think of making a website for my finished art. I eventually would like to do commissions, but let's start one thing at a time hehe!
For now I am really enjoying spring and am looking forward for the summer.
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Let's say it is going to be like last year...but more fun! Yeah!
More projects is coming up. Oh, and i'll be able to show some of my work too.
I draw cartoons on pyjamas for a kids clothing company since March 2010. And now they are in some clothing store in Montreal and Dubaï.
I want to experiment more things in my personnal work too. This is going to be fuuuun...

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soon i'll have new things to show! I've never really updated my account before. I guess I was to busy...nah... I just forgot lol
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